For artists seeking new forms of expression, New Leaf Editions offers the collaborative exploration of image-making using assorted print media. The goal of the collaboration is to allow an artist full expression with print. New Leaf has worked with many locally and internationally acclaimed artists.

Our Services

We offer creative solutions for artists, designers and architects.

Our Services
  • Technical Services

    Providing press repair services, steel facing and other technician services

  • Architectural Details

    Providing custom metal etching for design features

  • New Leaf Editions

    Specializing in etching and relief printmaking, New Leaf Editions is both a publisher and a fee for service printer

The New Leaf Blog

Our blog is where we post our adventures in print and beyond...

  • Press & Stones for Sale

    Laguna Press Model #2648. The bed is 26″ x 48″. There are 6 blankets. They have been well-used. 1 – gray blanket  26″ x 44″ x 3/16″ 1 – white blanket  25″ x 46″ x 1/8″ 1 – white blanket  25″ x 46″ x 1/4″ 1 – white blanket  24″ x 24″ x 1/4″ 1 – white […]

  • Tiny Etching

    1 cm long logo variants etched right through. We used a photo resist and etched from both sides of the plate.  

  • Metal lampshades – prototype

    Our friends at Bricault Design have asked us to create some copper light fixtures. This is their design:             This is some rough copper tubing:               We covered one of them with Puretch, a photo emulsion film. Here is our rotating exposure unit: And […]