3-1244 Cartwright Street
Vancouver BC V6H 3R8
(604) 689-9918

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  • Hey Peter
    Hope you are doing well and staying safe in these kooky times. I am cleaning out my studio – lightening my load and have quite a bit of copper, thick stuff, 10″ squares about 10 of them. They are yours if you’d like them. Cost you nothing 🙂

  • Hello!

    I have several 100-year old copper etching plates that were steel-faced so they could print more etching prints. I’d like to remove the steel and expose the copper plate beneath.

    I’m told “Removal of the steel from copper would be a reversal of the galvanic process that deposited the steel on the copper (reversal of the electric current in the galvanizing bath).”

    Can you do that? Thank you!!!

    • If you reverse the current you will etch the plate and probably destroy whats on the plate. But I can take the steel plating off for you. Whatever you do don’t try reversing the current.
      You can reach me by ph. 604.689.9918, Or email

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