Introducing the mezzoette!

Introducing the mezzoette!

The mezzoette: a hand operated tool used to draw on a mezzotint texture, it was developed by Peter Braune to accurately repair mezzotinted and aquatinted plates. It is ideal for printmakers who do dry-point, mezzotints, or deep aquatints and want a rich black. To use the mezzoettte, hold the mezzoette in your hand like a pencil and roll the burred tip across the plate. Each mezzoette comes with interchangeable bits.

For anyone who will be in Portland for the Southern Graphics Council, Peter will be demonstrating the mezzoette at the vendor fair exhibit hall!

Each mezzoette is $500. Phone and email orders only.

Made in Vancouver, Canada.


The mezzoette!
Certificate of authenticity, printed on Granville Island
The mezzoette’s hand made box, resin filled wormwood
Working on Steven Shearer’s plate


2 thoughts on “Introducing the mezzoette!”

  • I bought this tool at the SGC conference in Texas. How do I tighten the bit into the shaft? It keeps getting loose.
    And I’m getting frustrated!

    • Hi Randy : you should have received a post that fits in the hole on the side of the tool. There is a corresponding hole on the shaft that needs to be lined up and then the post can slide in to lock the shaft. once this is done the cullet can be tightened with a small wrench or even with your fingers. You can also use one of the burs to lock the shaft.
      I hope this helps. Thanks

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