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In August 2012, artist Michael Abraham finally came to New Leaf editions to try his hand at etching. Needless to say Michael’s determination and attention to detail make him an absolute natural in a process he has not only embraced but one could say mastered in just a matter of months. Amazing drawing skills and dedication has definite benefits.

Michael’s first print “All Night Sucker” was a 5″ x 7″ burnished zinc plate aquatint. In this process the plate is covered with a hard ground, Michael makes a line drawing on the plate, we etch the lines as a guide. Next the plate is cleaned and etched with several layers of spray aquatint until it prints black. The plate is then returned to Michael who burnishes the tones and whites into the plate.

All Night Sucker
burnished zinc plate aquatint
5″ x 7″
edition: 30
$ 350

Want one!? Feel free to contact the artist, Michael at or his gallery representative in Vancouver Gallery Jones.

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