Fei Gao – Documentary – Expression of Life in the Course of Time

Exhibition February 10 to March 09, 2022 New Leaf Editions is happy to announce its first gallery opening and exhibition program! We are excited to receive Fei Gao’s and present…


What is wet collodion - tintype? The wet collodion plate photography process involves pouring a collodion emulsion over a plate and exposing the sensitized plate before the coating dries. The…

Brian Jungen at New Leaf Editions

  "It has been really interesting working with Brian because it's NOT about the print, it's about the message. You can't even really tell that it's an etching"  -Peter Braune…

Printmaking on the spot! (prawns)

Individuals of all skill levels are invited to participate in this one-of-a-kind course investigating applications of reductive relief printmaking through personal exploration and collaborative practices. Topics include drawing and transferring,…

Introducing the mezzoette!

The mezzoette: a hand operated tool used to draw on a mezzotint texture, it was developed by Peter Braune to accurately repair mezzotinted and aquatinted plates. It is ideal for…

Tiny Etching

1 cm long logo variants etched right through. We used a photo resist and etched from both sides of the plate.  

Getting to work: Getting To Know You

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our book project! We surpassed our target and raised over $5000. Now it's printing time! "Getting to Know You" is a hand-printed and…