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Bobbie Burger worked with us to make an edition of 50 prints to create, “Perfect Storm”, 2020/21. Over a series of weeks we worked closely with her and observed her skill and combined it with ours. We are delighted to announce that all the prints in the edition sold out in four days, raised significant funds for Arts Umbrella.

Bobbie Burgers is interested in the process of decay, transformation, and metamorphosis. With a distinct style that merges abstraction with representation in increasing degrees, her work brings together instinctive compositions while revealing her precise powers of observation.

Bobbie Burger-Perfect storm
Perfect Storm, 2020
Edition of 50
Etching print with a watercolor embellishment on BKF Rives, 300gsm, white paper
Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches
Signed and numbered

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