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Crown Point Press Workshop

This June Lesley took off for ten days to beautiful Fransisco!

But as if that wasn’t exciting enough for one trip, she also had the pleasure of attending a crown point press workshop, to soak up the print vibes and learn from the pros.

And the pros were out! ready to help us do our thing for 5 days of self directed studio time. The master printers gave us a demo on the etching basics, how they cut, deburr, degrease and aquatint a plate, then they turned us loose on the studio and away we went, spit-biting, soap-ground painting and sugar lifting like crazy.

And maybe going a bit crazy ourselves,

And the print wall began to get crowed as everybody tried as many techniques as possible in the allotted time

But we didn’t stop

No rest for the wicked

A huge thank you to the print gurus that devoted their time to us for those five days, to share secrets and help us when we got lost
(what step am I on? I need to put the rosin aquatint on this FIRST?)

I am very jealous of my printing cohorts that got to stay another week.
I have a feeling our paths may cross again in the future (maybe next year????????)

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