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Exhibition February 10 to March 09, 2022



New Leaf Editions is happy to announce its first gallery opening and exhibition program! We are excited to receive Fei Gao’s and present her lithographic work in Documentary – Expression of Life in the Course of Time.

Fei Gao’s work lies within observation and personal insights into life through painting, sculpture, illustration, and printmaking. Gao’s practice with stone lithography enables her to reproduce the finest marks from her drawings. Fei Gao was born in Beijing, China and completed her BFA at the University of Alberta in 2012, she is currently living in Vancouver, BC.

“Documentary – Expression of Life in the Course of Time records the flow of time and documents the various effects on living things such as the process of rotten fruits. The process of recording their changes allows me to express my own understanding of the passage of time from different angles. This can be seen in our pandemic context where the rhythm of daily life has collapsed and has brought me to translate this shift, which is the premise of this series”.


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