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So the guys from Drive by Press drove on through with their press last week!
They brought a heck of a lot of stuff in that car of theirs…

The Malaspina walls and table tops were covered in prints that DrivebyPress has collected from over the years. The amount of talent and creativity was staggering, here is a small sample of the collection.

Along the table top was a collection of inky woodblocks, leaning on display and just begging to be printed.
So the idea is…

1. You pick your wood block (and your t-shirt OR bring your own…)

2. They ink the woodblock

3. They print the wood block

4. VOILA! You have a shirt!

5. Sprinkle some Unicorn tears on there and Bob’s your mother’s brother.

Thank you Drive By Press! and a big thanks to Malaspina Printmakers for hosting them

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