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September 26 – October 26, 2023

Closing reception

October 26th – 6pm

In 2021 my husband and I were placed in strict hotel isolation before we were allowed to enter New Zealand. During this time, drawing became my meditation and daily activity. The series “14 Days” was my way of filling time, and drawing with gouache and graphite became a daily meditative form of mark-making and searching for new forms in my work.

I enjoyed the sculptural effect of building with gouache paint and emphasizing texture and shading with graphite- there was a natural spontaneity in how the two-dimensional forms came together on the paper, and I wanted to apply a similar approach to my sculpture. “Archeologies” refers to the sculptural shapes I create in response to my drawings. I make marks in the sand and then cast them in plaster and other materials, and like an archeologist, I dig out the unknown treasures and new forms.

– Jenny Judge

Exhibition Description

Archeologies : A Search for Forms is a drawing and sculpture exhibition encompassing recent drawings (gouache and graphite) and sculptural responses to these. There are two series: “14-days” and “Archeologies”. 

“14-Days” is work that was created during the pandemic while the artist was in a 14-day hotel isolation waiting to enter New Zealand. She explores working on paper using gouache and graphite and mark-making-meditation in order to fill the time.

“Archeologies” is a series of works where the artist explores the drawing techniques discovered during hotel isolation and ventures into new sculptural forms.

Artist Biography

Jenny Judge is an installation artist based out of Whistler, BC.  Her practice encompasses writing and craft-based processes, sculpture, drawing and printmaking. In 1983, she received a BFA from Queens University in Sculpture and Printmaking and, in 1991, an MFA in Sculpture from The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She attended residencies in both Studio Art and Fibre Art at The Banff School of Fine Art in the late 80s. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea and the United States.

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