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May 1st – May 30th

Opening May 4th – 7pm

The show makes explicit the connection between the artist and the influence the broader social, environmental, and global context has on their work. The images are drawn from the experience of living through the past few years: of the pandemic, heat-domes and atmospheric rivers; watching from afar as wars are waged, refugees cross frontiers, and an increasingly poisoned social and political discourse prevails. The images are composites of experiences and pictures captured and imagined by the artist, but also recognizes in a world awash in imagery the artist encounters the world through the lens of that media some pieces are a product of collecting and collaging the news stream into new works.  The exhibit also deploys the dissonant voice of printmaking and recognizes the debt to an approach that has a history of engaging audiences through the narrative form in the zeitgeist of “now”. 


Since 2010 Paul Jung has been working at the Printer media artist residency in Vancouver housed at the Howe Street Artists Studio’s where Paul paints and the Malaspina Printmaking Workshop on Granville Island and has been supported through a Canada Arts Council grant. 

Typically living in Victoria, Jung has also practiced as an artist in Berlin and New York in 2017, 2014, and 2011.  In Berlin, he was working as a printmaker at the bbk Kulturewerk Druckwekstatt while maintaining a separate painting studio in STASI city and similarly working in New York at the East Side Print Studio and painting in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Paul studied at UBC where he received a B.Ed and went on to complete an MFA at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London.  Paul was born in South Africa and moved to the United States during the height of the Apartheid era. This experience of immigration away from an oppressive regime has informed his practice. Jung has exhibited in Victoria, London, Berlin, Salt Lake City, and Vancouver. 

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