The Mezzoette

The mezzoette is a hand driven tool with a jewelers bit that creates a mezzotint texture. It was developed by  Peter Braune to accurately repair specific areas of mezzotinted and aquatinted plates. The mezzoette can be used to draw on a mezzotint texture. It is ideal for printmakers who do dry-point, mezzotint, or deep aquatints and want a rich black.
-$500 each, comes with interchangeable bits

Midnight Aquatinted plates

Our Midnight Aquatinted plates offer a beautiful surface for burnishing, creating an image similar to a traditional mezzotint. Unlike a traditional mezzotint, a well-polished burnisher will glide across the randomly pitted surface of these plates the way ink slides across a glass table. Plate are made with 32oz copper and can be make to any size requested.-$1.75 per square inch, not including the price of the copper.

Ink Spreader


Bondo ink spreaders are great as inking cards for etching. They are gentle on the metal and do not scratch. One side of the ink spreader is soft and flexible for laying down ink, while the other side is more rigid for picking up ink. They are solvent resistant and can be sanded to keep a fine edge, they can be cut with scissors to a desired size.
-$5 each

Ink Blocks


Our ink blocks are wrapped in felt to make a soft, flat surface against the plate, When wrapped in tissue or newsprint, it is used as the final touch when wiping the plate. It’s also great for wiping delicate dry-point plates, and can be used in place of tarlatan for printing fine aquatints. The block is cut to a size that will fit exactly one quarter of a sheet of newsprint from a phone book.
-$15 each