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Shuvinai Ashoona in a residency at New Leaf Editions in collaboration with the Marion Scott Gallery 

New Leaf Editions was honoured and thrilled to receive the Kinngait artist Shuvinai Ashoona in our studio for the month of September 2022. During this residency, we had the opportunity to work closely with Shuvinai by constructing three-dimensional foam board geometrical shapes to mount her drawings on. It was fascinating to hear about all the connexions and stories figuring in her drawings. We found ourselves priviledge for working with a proliferous artist that would come in the morning and draw all day. Shuvinai’s imagination and stories were amazing with all the connections to her life experiences and community.

Following the residency, we built a system to hang all shapes to create an installation that was showed at the Toronto Art Fair in October 2022. Click here to know more about Shuvinai’s exhibition Helps us presented by the Marion Scott Gallery.

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