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April 15, 2024 – May 15, 2024


Thursday April 18, 2024 06:00 PM – 09:30 PM

New Leaf Editions Gallery is pleased to host the exhibition SixteenEighteen by the artists, Kari Kristensen and Tara Lee Bennett. SixteenEighteen not only serves as the title of the exhibition but also pays homage to the historic Arnhem 1618, 245gsm paper. This paper, produced since 1618 in the Netherlands, serves as the common thread binding Kristensen’s and Bennett’s work together. The collaborative pieces of Kari Kristensen and Tara Lee Bennett in the exhibition SixteenEighteen showcase the unique qualities of Arnhem paper. The collective work underscores the meticulous work demonstrated in both printmaking and paper sculpture.


Exhibition of linocut and paper sculpture by Kari Kristensen and Tara Lee Bennett
SixteenEighteen by Kari Kristensen and Tara Lee Bennett


Kari Kristensen


Artist Biography

Born and raised in Dutton, Ontario, Kari Kristensen is a contemporary Canadian artist. Kari Kristensen’s journey through art history and classical studies informs her unique perspective. Her practice, is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her art celebrates the divine perfection of the natural environment through a fusion of traditional printmaking techniques and innovative forms.


Artist Statement

Kari Kristensen’s work embraces disparate lines of Canadian and international art history, responding to both through new forms. Printmaking, despite sustained practice across geography and cultures, has a quiet platform in contemporary Western art. She seeks to reimagine the Canadian Landscape tradition and its persistence in her and our consciousness, most notably in her current series, Imagined Landscape. The art includes both intricately cut linoleum prints and monoserigraphs. Harnessing lino printing’s even ink application, combined with the choice of a clean monochrome aesthetic, Kristensen fully embraces the limitations of the medium itself, only to defy them. Her mural work is an extension of the printwork—although using paint, the line work is very similar to the marks made with a gouge in linoleum. Just as the linoleum carved leaves an impression on the paper, similarly, the mural leaves an impression of her respect for the landscape.

Tara Lee Bennett


Artist Biography

Hailing from Zimbabwe and having lived in Australia, Tara Lee Bennett brings a global perspective to her paper artistry. Now settled in Vancouver, her intricate creations reflect personal and professional journeys, exploring themes of growth and renewal with meticulous detail.


Artist Statement

Tara Lee Bennett creates a world in paper. Meticulously, she draws, cuts, and assembles seemingly impossibly too-small pieces of paper into elaborate creations that are intricate and time-consuming.

As a medium, paper has endless possibilities because it is a material that is easily accessible yet can be endlessly and extravagantly transformed, and it is this dichotomy Bennett celebrates. Her current series harnesses a monochrome aesthetic which highlights the delicacy of her cuts.

Arnhem 1618 Paper

Arnhem 1618 paper, produced by Schut Papier for over 400 years which is celebrated for its superior quality and versatility in the art world. Speedball Art proudly collaborates with Schut Papier to create Arnhem 1618, and in honor of Schut Papier’s 400th year and Speedball launched the Arnhem 400 campaign. Throughout 2018, this campaign paid homage to Schut Papier’s legacy through partnerships with esteemed artists in printmaking, illustration, and lettering.

Learn more about Arnhem 400: Arnhem 400 – Speedball Art (Published December 20, 2018)

Arnhem 1618 paper boasts properties such as being 100% rag and acid-free, with a vellum finish and two deckled edges. Its subtle grain and smooth appearance make it suitable for various media, including dry or damp printing, while maintaining a reliable surface for intricate detail.

Explore Arnhem 1618 Paper: Arnhem 1618 Paper – Speedball Art (Published November 8, 2023)

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